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Quinta do Lago September 6 saw a celebration of the wines from one of Chile’s best producers taking place in the Algarve. Winemaker Brett Jackson was flown in especially from Chile along with the winery’s export director Michael Goldner for a weekend of tastings, some golf and great food that wine lovers from all over the Algarve took part in.
Organised by local distributor Prime Wine (Bill Godley), the Valdivieso Laranjal Golf & Wine Challenge was held on Quinta do Lago’s Laranjal course. Prizes included 3-litre bottles of some fine vintages from Valdivieso with prize giving taking place at The Shack, the new Funky Family restaurant located on the shores of infamous Quinta do Lago Lake.
Daracle Photography was kindly asked to cover the prize giving and here are the results. Please feel free to download for personal usage and printing, social media etc.
Commercial Publications, may also use these images but we kindly ask that the Publication be identified and notify their intention before publishing.
We hope you enjoy them!
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