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A charity event organised and produced by the Children, teachers and parents of Clube do Bibe in Vilamoura to raise funds for the Children in need at the Existir Association from Loulé. http://www.existir.org.pt/contactos.html
There was some very finely made little products that I'm sure will be making some great Xmas Presents!

As a Clube do Bibe preferred service provider, Daracle Photography offered services and also contributed to the cause by raffling tickets for a free Family photo session worth €120.00
Mercadinho São Martinho 2013-1Mercadinho São Martinho 2013-2Mercadinho São Martinho 2013-3Mercadinho São Martinho 2013-4Mercadinho São Martinho 2013-5Mercadinho São Martinho 2013-6Mercadinho São Martinho 2013-7Mercadinho São Martinho 2013-8Mercadinho São Martinho 2013-9Mercadinho São Martinho 2013-10Mercadinho São Martinho 2013-11Mercadinho São Martinho 2013-12Mercadinho São Martinho 2013-13Mercadinho São Martinho 2013-14Mercadinho São Martinho 2013-15Mercadinho São Martinho 2013-16Mercadinho São Martinho 2013-17Mercadinho São Martinho 2013-18Mercadinho São Martinho 2013-19Mercadinho São Martinho 2013-20

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