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People Need Photographers, You need a photographer!

You need a photographer when you want a really attractive dating or cool social network profile picture; when you need a new CV image to put you on top of the pile; because you need photos of an upcoming Algarve Wedding or family reunion; or even when you want to sell your car so you can get the latest and greatest new model… Nothing beats a professionally taken photo.

In much the same way your business needs a photographer. Be it to show off just how amazingly spacious and cozy your restaurant is; to display and share your artistic shop window with all it's wonderful products; to promote your new bnb venture with its flashy interior design; or simply to record corporate and local industry events...Everyone needs a photographer!

"Striking, impacting photo's can be the difference between one lead and ten leads; one customer or ten customers”…

Why Me and Daracle Photography?

So we've agreed on one thing, but I think it's also important for you to understand why you're going to select me to be the photographer you need?

Well firstly, like you, I've also had the need for photographers in my time, (I am happily married and have some great shots to prove it!).

Secondly, I've experienced those emotions that you're probably feeling right now as you wonder how much harder is it going to be finding and hiring the right photographer and if they'll be able to produce what you want.

You may also be feeling a little intimidated and possibly overwhelmed with all of the photographic terminology that you may have been subject to in your search up until now, I'll admit, I know I was!

This is where the word "trust" is introduced. You need to trust me. Others have, you will too and don't worry, I won't be speaking to you in any foreign language. But funnily enough, having said that, I do speak two languages, (English and Portuguese), fluently!

Daracle Photography is your Satisfaction...

The same way that I have no doubt that you put great effort into your daily activities to succeed, I, like you, also firmly believe that I will only be successful if I invest sufficient effort into your photos, hence my slogan, "Perfection is forthcoming when actions are of pleasure". So as I'm passionate about what I do, I'm confident that you will be satisfied when I present you with your final images.

I'm sure you've already read a few of the testimonials from real clients, many of whom are now good friends. Dedication, honesty and trust are three key elements that ensure time is well spent to get you the shots you want, the shots that you expect.

But enough about you, here's a little about me...

I was born in the UK, moved to Portugal when I was 13 and have lived in the Algarve ever since. I'm experienced in Wedding photography, Maternity and Family shoots, Real Estate and Interior photography, Corporate, Portrait, Sporting and Social events and love working with kids. Not just as father, but as part of my personality, I am blessed with a high patience threshold, a valuable asset to be able to wait for the split second moment when "it", whatever it may be, happens.

People have said that I have a special rapport with them that helped them to relax in front of the lens during sessions and that they enjoyed the experience something that they were not particularly looking forward to beforehand.

A graduate of The Photography Institute, I am also a member of the Algarve Photography Group and share my knowledge with members at their exhibitions and I also coordinate and oversee their monthly workshops.

Like everyone, I understand that people preserve and cherish photos as they represent their family history and memorable moments captured throughout their lifetime. You can depend on me and my talent to create, capture and provide those moments for you.

Not quite sure yet?

Don't take my word or let the testimonials influence you (difficult I know). Whatever your need for my services, I'm sure you'll bond with them. They say photos speak a thousand words so I'm sure mine will also have their own words for you too.

So How can I secure Your Services?

Quite simply, click here, fill out the requested information and I'll be in touch with you personally within, what I'm sure you'll class as, a very short period of time.

Looking forward to hearing from you.