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Stephanie and Ryan took it upon themselves to organize an exclusive, romantic beach set wedding ceremony and photo shoot. It wasn't a real wedding as such as it was just themselves (and me), but believe me when I say there was love in the air! They recited their own vows to each other and exchanged rings promised to treat each other with the respect they deserve. It was quite wonderful and extremely original.
My task, as their photographer was what one can imagine, to take meaningful shots of their special day that they will cherish forevermore, I understand that I have...
Most of these shots were taken during the "Algarve Golden Hour", the prime time and, can I say, location for taking photos of this nature.

I'd just like to say a special thank you both of them for being one of the best couples I've had the opportunity to photograph. Up and down rocks in Burgão (Lagos, Portugal) isn't easy especially in bare feet, but I'm sure you'll agree it was worth it!!
Check out how pleased Stephanie & Ryan were...Here

Are you looking for a wedding photos or engagement photos or even just a sunset shoot for you and your partner like these??
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